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Computational Physics - PHYS 410/510 - Spring 2023

Class meetings:
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 in La Tourette Hall 227, starting 2023-01-17

Instructor: Professor A. Glatz
Office: La Tourette Hall 217

Office hours: Virtual by appointment (just send an email) - preferred.
Tue/Thu 12:15-13:15 in office.

Grading: Weighted according to 35% homework, 15% lecture attendence, and (20% midterm + 30% final) exam/project.

Homework policies: Late penalty: 10% off for each day late up to 5 days; 100% off for > 5 days. I prefer homework papers to be turned in at the beginning of class on Tuesday, but they are considered on time if turned in by 17:00 on the due date. You can turn them in to my mailbox in the Physics main office if I am not around. Homework should be written neatly (or typed), single-sided on paper, and stapled. Codes, data, and figures can be send by email. You are encouraged to consult with each other on the homework. However, each of you must turn in only your own work. Do not turn in anything that you have copied, or anything that you do not truly understand.

Exam policies: Exams will be closed book, but you may bring one page of notes in your own original handwriting. No electronic devices are allowed.

Midterm : tbd
Final project presentations: tbd

Suggestions: It is strongly suggested that you do attend class and take notes. If you have problems with your homework or to understand some concepts, please do come to my office for help. The best way to prepare for exams is to study homework problems and the lecture notes.

See the also the syllabus for a list of topics to be covered in the course.


Lecture 2
Floating point number, sources of errors, stability, pendulum demo
+ Jupyter notebook for pendulum
+ pendulum demo (pdf)
Lecture 3
Numerical Differentiation
+ C++/gnuplot demo codes (zipped)
Lecture 4
Numerical integration
+ Jupyter notebook for adaptive Simpson rule
+ adaptive simpson (pdf)


due before class on
Assignment 1PDF2023-02-02


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